Dinners Done Right

A few days ago, I got a little tour of Dinners Done Right, which is in Lacey, a company that preps fresh meals for you to take home to put in the freezer or right in the oven. There is a menu that you can pick different meals from and order one, six, or twelve meals a month. For a small fee, the company will prepare the meals you choose for you, ready for pickup, or you can use their kitchen to put together your meals. All the ingredients are already chopped and put in containers at stations organized by the type of meal you choose and all the cleanup is done for you.

I talked to the owner, a couple customers, and read some great reviews online, all convincing me that I would start ordering food from this company all the time. It is great if you are really busy, don’t like to cook, or just can’t think of what to make some nights. It seems easy, plus healthier than the prepackaged food from grocery stores. I was excited until I saw the menu and prices. It’s not that the food sounded bad, but some of the meals don’t seem complete. One example is a stir-fry dish that says to pour it over rice, but it does not come with rice. For twelve meals a months, I could pay $135 for two to three servings. So that would actually allow me to eat quality dinners for almost a month for that price, which would be great if I didn’t have to buy extra food to go with each meal!

I did buy a dessert item, raspberry cheesecake chimichangas, which was premade. They were absolutely delicious and I will probably go back for more at some point. So I really like the idea of this business because it is so easy and the meals sound great, but it probably is not something I could use until I’m no longer a poor college student!

I found this company after reading this article in The New York Times: It’s Dinner in a Box. But Are Meal Delivery Kits Cooking? Dinners Done Right is a little bit different than the companies mentioned in this article because it is not a delivery business, but it has a similar concept of convenience.

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