i am a food blog (Review)

So I typed in “food blogs” in Google and iamafoodblog.com was the first page so I clicked on it. It doesn’t look terribly exciting at first, but it is so easy to navigate with a search bar at the top, pages of posts after that, and also at the top a button for the menu if you want to see her other pages. Nothing to distract or confuse.

She has tons of recipes, takes great photos, and has information on  all of her kitchen gadgets! For example, a dachshund kitchen timer she bought in Tokyo, with a link to a page where it is available on Amazon.com! So that is something I am about to order. (I have a wiener dog and my current timer is unbearably loud and annoying.) Anyway, there are lots of easy recipes that I’ve found on the blog that seem like a spin off of a traditional meal or food such as grilled cheese. (Like this!)

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