Joy the Baker (Review)

This blog is written by a self-taught baker who is also a photographer and author of two cookbooks! My first thoughts when I saw the blog is that it is attractive, simple, and easy to navigate. The background is white which can sometimes be boring but her pictures are so fabulous and well displayed that the pages look nice and fun. She has a homepage, a recipe page, a page about her, and a page showing her cookbooks (she is also working on a brunch cookbook). I love the recipe page because it categorizes the types of recipes. There is chocolate, buttermilk, breakfast, dinner, vegan, gluten-free, drinks, and a lot more. Plus, there is a search bar on the page of course so you can look up whatever you need. Very user friendly.

I have not tried any of the recipes yet since I found this blog two days ago, but I have a short list posted on my refrigerator of things I’d like to try soon. (Really, it will take a while for me to make all these because I am kind of lazy when it comes to cooking.) Hint of mint chocolate milk, double chocolate cake donuts, and banana milk chocolate weekend pancakes are just a few delicious sounding recipes that caught my eye. There is a lot of chocolate and tons of good feedback and comments on all of the recipes.

I’m assuming all of her pictures posted are her own since she is a professional photographer, and I haven’t seen any photos credited to anyone else yet. Her pictures are so fun and each post has so many because she has a picture for many of the steps of the baking process. There is also a little commentary or story here and there, not just a recipe, which I think is fun, and it all just gets you excited to get in the kitchen and start baking.

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