Dog Food!

While writing a recent beat story on pet food, I did a lot of research on dog food specifically since I have two dogs. I already feed them a good brand of dog food and give them real meat treats without anything added to them. Although actually cooking real food for a dog or getting on a raw diet is ideal for optimal health, many people just don’t have time or money for that. That’s why I have dogs instead of kids (even though i consider them my “furbabies”)!

I read that dogs need canned wet food in addition to dry food. I only feed dry because I’ve heard it is better for their teeth and canned food just smells weird. However, for the health of my dogs, I’ve been supplementing their kibble with a can a food a day split between the two of them. This is because many dogs don’t get enough moisture in their diet, even if they drink a lot of water (and one of my dogs barely drinks any). If dogs are in the wild, they feast on small animals like bunnies which provide way more moisture than dry dog food. Pets are part of the family and should get good food!

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