Purple Potatoes?!

When my stepmom said she was serving purple potatoes for dinner last Christmas, I did not actually expect to see any purple potatoes. Neither did the kids, but they have never been so excited to eat a vegetable. I didn’t know they existed, but they do. They are so purple! I’m not sure why I’m so fascinated by them, but I had to go find some.

I found some at Trader Joe’s in a pack with yellow and red potatoes. If you have not seen a purple potato, it isn’t like a red potato with red colored skin and …normal potato color… on the inside. (Is there a name for that color?) You slice it in half, and it is even more purple on the inside. It looks as if it is bleeding purple ink, but it really is natural! They originated from Bolivia and Peru.

Not only are they fun, but these potatoes are rich in fiber (as long as you eat the skins too) and potassium like “normal potatoes,” but also rich in antioxidants that other potatoes don’t have. There are different types of purple potatoes but they all have the antioxidant, anthocyanin, which also give the potatoes their beautiful color.

I don’t always feel like cooking, so when I know I should cook instead of order food (being nice to my health and wallet), I try to make it fun somehow. A few nights ago I was inspired by colors. I boiled the purple potatoes, then sauteed them in a little bit of garlic butter with carrots and brussel sprouts. I was satisfied seeing my “pretty” serving of vegetables on my plate!

If you are as excited about the color of the potatoes as I am, try making a potato salad with them next time you have guests over for dinner. It will be delicious, fun, and beneficial to your health!


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