Dog Food!

While writing a recent beat story on pet food, I did a lot of research on dog food specifically since I have two dogs. I already feed them a good brand of dog food and give them real meat treats without anything added to them. Although actually cooking real food for a dog or getting on a raw diet is ideal for optimal health, many people just don’t have time or money for that. That’s why I have dogs instead of kids (even though i consider them my “furbabies”)! Continue reading


Joy the Baker (Review)

This blog is written by a self-taught baker who is also a photographer and author of two cookbooks! My first thoughts when I saw the blog is that it is attractive, simple, and easy to navigate. The background is white which can sometimes be boring but her pictures are so fabulous and well displayed that the pages look nice and fun. She has a homepage, a recipe page, a page about her, and a page showing her cookbooks (she is also working on a brunch cookbook). I love the recipe page because it categorizes the types of recipes. Continue reading

Dinners Done Right

A few days ago, I got a little tour of Dinners Done Right, which is in Lacey, a company that preps fresh meals for you to take home to put in the freezer or right in the oven. There is a menu that you can pick different meals from and order one, six, or twelve meals a month. For a small fee, the company will prepare the meals you choose for you, ready for pickup, or you can use their kitchen to put together your meals. All the ingredients are already chopped and put in containers at stations organized by the type of meal you choose and all the cleanup is done for you. Continue reading

Purple Potatoes?!

When my stepmom said she was serving purple potatoes for dinner last Christmas, I did not actually expect to see any purple potatoes. Neither did the kids, but they have never been so excited to eat a vegetable. I didn’t know they existed, but they do. They are so purple! I’m not sure why I’m so fascinated by them, but I had to go find some. Continue reading


Welcome to my blog all about food, cereal is my favorite! Thanks for visiting and taking an interest in food, it will save your life 🙂


Photo taken by me moments before eating the cereal. 🙂